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We are frequently asked about our future plans regarding Querydsl and in which direction we intend to take it commercially. With the recent announcements of the jOOQ project to change its licensing model from a pure OSS licensing model to dual licensing our users are wondering if we might follow suit.

We have no intention of changing the licensing model of Querydsl and will keep on using a pure open source license for the foreseeable future. We feel that middleware should be transparent, and open source is one of the best models to guarantee both transparency and an interactive development model.

Our commercial model for Querydsl is open source software and commercial services. Querydsl is free to use and you will get free public support for it, but for private support, bigger additions and closed source extensions we are available for consulting and development at reasonable hourly rates.


Querydsl training is available in packages and can also be customized for special needs. The available packages are


one day of training to get an overview of the general functionality of Querydsl and usage examples for its most popular modules JPA and SQL

Querydsl & JPA/Hibernate

two days of training to get an overview of Querydsl and how it is best used with JPA including best practices for service/DAO design with Querydsl

Querydsl & SQL

two days of training to get a general overview of Querydsl and how it is best used with JDBC/SQL

Project development

Development services for projects involving Querydsl and related technologies are also available. We have worked with small startups and big global corporations to provide solutions using open source Java and Web technologies.

See our references for some examples of projects we’ve done in the past.

In addition, we have consulted a major Finnish software company on Hibernate performance problems. And later given training on Hibernate and Querydsl usage for their development team in St. Petersburg.


Querydsl extensions in both open source and closed source form can be provided by us via development projects.

Examples of such extensions are
  • support for SQL/NoSQL technologies that are not yet supported by Querydsl (e.g. DB2 or Cassandra)
  • higher level abstractions for Querydsl that fit into your IT infrastructure
  • integration of Querydsl into other middleware frameworks or libraries

Contact us at querydsl@mysema.com if any of these options sound attractive to you. And if you haven’t yet participated in the Querydsl user survey, please do so.

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