Querydsl user survey results

A few weeks ago we opened the Querydsl user survey to gather some information on how Querydsl is used and what direction it would make sense to take it. Some of the results were a little surprising, but mostly the results confirmed that the decisions we had made in the past were mostly right and that most of ours users are extremely happy with the product.

Here is a summary of the results, the amounts are in percentages:

How have you heard of Querydsl?

Which IDEs are you using?

Which build tools are you using with Querydsl?

Which Querydsl modules are you using?

What other databases would you like to see supported in Querydsl?

What JDK version/s are you using?

What is your overall satisfaction with Querydsl?

What are the major benefits in using Querydsl?

How have you participated in the Querydsl community?

What commercial Querydsl services would you be interested to try?

Do you have anything else to tell us

This question was not multiple-choice, so only the most common topics are listed below

  • Better docs, more examples
  • Roadmap of coming features
  • Donation page
  • Better readability for Querydsl SQL queries
  • Dedicated Gradle support
  • More advanced SQL functionality
  • Continue with the current licensing model
  • Better control of code generation target packages
  • Better docs for Hibernate Search and Collections modules


Based on these promising results we will take the following actions:

  • Expand our commercial offers
  • Invest into Querydsl SQL, since it is the second most popular Querydsl module
  • Improve the general documentation
  • Provide a public Roadmap for Querydsl development

Feedback on Querydsl and its development model is of course also welcome in any other form. Let us know what features you are missing and what use cases should be supported better.

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