Querydsl in Finnish eDemoracy and eServices projects

Querydsl, our open source database query library, is used in multiple business sectors to make querying databases easier and more productive. Besides various private sector projects Querydsl is used at least in two large-scale public sector projects of the Action Programme on eServices and eDemocracy (SADe) of the Finnish Ministry of Finance here in Finland.

The main goal of the SADe project is to develop public services for individuals, companies and other entities. These customer-oriented and interoperable services are meant to increase the quality and efficiency of public sector services. The SADe programme consists of eight projects which are managed by the Ministry of Finance and other ministries:

Querydsl is used in at least two of these projects (source code will be open by the end of this year):

In the Finnish eParticipation Environment of the Ministry of Justice, or more specifically in the Kansalaisaloite.fi portal, Querydsl is used on top of SQL databases. We have found that handwritten SQL is usually hard to maintain, error-prone, and slow. Querydsl basically solves all of these problems.

Learners’ Online Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture is also using Querydsl. Their use case is a bit different: they have SQL and NoSQL databases, Querydsl keeps the developers productive when switching between the two due to its consistent query API. Mysema has provided consulting to the Learners’ Online Services developers on how to get the most out of Querydsl.

We used Querydsl on top of Apache Lucene when developing Suomen Museot Online. This site provides a browsable database of almost 200,000 museum items. It gathers data from nearly 50 Finnish museums and makes the data available to Europeana.

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